Attention !


Pirates are working hard on new album, but in the meantime we have for you real pirate chest of gold - our first album for free! Link below.…

Please note that now we have new vocalist (see live video) 



Hot News!
Dear Kingdom Waves fans & friends! We have a very important announcement for you today. After the much discussion, long thoughts about the future of our Pirate's band we decided to terminate our cooperation with Martin Marcell on vocal. Martin is a great guy, we love him so much but we have a different points of view about vocal in our band. We want to say him very, very strongly THANK YOU about everything what he did for the Kingdom Waves! Wish him a lot of happiness and fun with his new vocal career!
Thank you Martin, we'd like to stay friends with you!
Kingdom Waves



Release now! 

We would like to announce our brand new album! After many years of waiting - You can buy this from our e-shop or different on-line music store worldwide. Our album called "Damned Beauty Overture" consist of 9 different songs and hopefully everyone from you will enjoy the Pirate's mood of these songs.

Official album trailer - just click and check what you expect on our album!


Who is Sandra? 
(Our title character)

She had lived in a small town harbour a long time ago. Her beauty, unfortunately, has never been to her a gift of fate bringing only jealousy and suffering. 
When the girl falls in love with a humble sailor and rises a spark of hope for a true love in her life, the feeling is interrupted by something that should have never happen. A wicked, known for his meanness port governor tries to gain her feelings and attention, and makes a proposal that she could not refuse...
One day, singing one of the sailing songs when Sandra was mending an old fishing net then heard from the distant a sound of shots. Anxious about the fate of his beloved she ran in that direction to find out that her fears have just happened while happiness left her forever .... she saw that a cruel governor killed her lover.....
Sandra with bitterness and sorrow, in order to avoid what fate brings to her must run away from the town although she knows that the governor revenge will get her everywhere…. feeling hopeless she joins the path of pirate lawlessness……to be free, probably never being happy, she escapes into the vastness of the ocean waves but will return stronger and changed….so, Governor beware, your time is coming... listen about her on our new album!

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